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Friday, 10 July 2015

[How To] Save Web Pages As PDF Using Chrome Easily

Chrome Browser Download Web Pages As PDF Files

There are plenty of software and plugins available for your web browser that help you to save a web page as a PDF file. But, what if I tell you that you can save a web page with some few clicks on your Google Chrome Browser? Yeah! I know, it would be great. As PDF file format is quite famous since it is used for sharing documents and known for its manner of being independent of application software, hardware and operating systems.

So, here I tell how to do this. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Open Web Page that you want to save as a PDF file.

Step 3: If you are on a Windows Operating System, Press  Ctrl  +  P  & if you are on a Mac, Press  Cmd  +  P 

Step 4: A Print dialog box will appear on the screen. Change Destination Printer to "Save as PDF".

Step 5: Hit the Button.

You are done! Current Web Page will be saved as a PDF file instantly.

Was it not simpler than you used to think? Tell your experience. If you have other ideas of saving the Web Pages as PDF file. Your comments are most welcome! :)