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Monday, 29 June 2015

[How To] Remove Shortcut (.lnk) Virus On Windows Using Command Prompt

Steps to remove shortcut virus on Windows:

Step 1: First of all, find out in what drive of your computer the viruses/shortcuts are located. Go to My Computer (for Windows 7 or below) or This PC; you'll notice the C, D, E etc drives.

[Note: This method is the best for removable storage devices]

Step 2: Open the Command Prompt.

Step 3: Type the following commands in Command Prompt & press ENTER

For example, the virus is located in "F" drive, then just type


attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:

del /s *.lnk

f: -> beside the /d is your drive, simply change it to where drive the virus is located.
-h -> to unhide all files on drive (in our case f:).
-r -> create the files on drive is free of read-only attribute.
-s -> to remove the system files attribute from files created by virus.
/s -> to apply attributes on sub-directories also.
/d -> process folders as well.
*.lnk -> delete all files with extension .lnk

Step 4: Check your drive again. All hidden files & folders are now retrieved.
Remove unnecessary files, the shortcut files that are not supposed to be there.
You might find autorun.inf or desktop.ini; simply delete them.

Step 5:  You may also scan your computer/drive with Windows Defender or any other good anti-virus(like Avast!), too. Make sure that the software is updated.