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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

[How To] Run Android Apps Through Chrome Browser On Any OS

A minor revolution in the apps world, Google’s new ARC Welder software allows users to run Android mobile apps through the Chrome browser on any operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or of course Chrome OS.

To bring your favorite Android apps to a PC or Mac, simply install the Chrome browser and a program called ARC Welder. Once opened, the latter program requests access to an APK file that corresponds to the app you wish to run.

Initially accessible only to developers, ARC Welder is now available to the general public through the Chrome Web Store. Still in the beta phase, the program is not entirely stable yet and can only run one app at a time. So far, Google has only made a few Android apps compatible with the program.

In the long run, however, Google’s goal is to make all of its Android apps available across multiple platforms (smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers), a little like Microsoft’s idea with its forthcoming OS, Windows 10, and its dedicated multi-platform app store.

Try out ARC Welder to run Android apps on a PC or Mac.