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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Keyboard Shortcuts in Facebook

Facebook too have some keyboard shortcut keys just like the ones for the system and browsers. Some keys depends on the type of Operating System and the Browser are you using ,so the modifier keys are to be used accordingly. Thus, before using Facebook keyboard shortcuts, determine the modifier keys for your computer, which is based on what browser and operating system you are using.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Facebook


For Windows Operating System:
Google Chrome           Alt
Mozilla Firefox            Alt + shift
Internet Explorer        Alt

Firefox             Function + Ctrl
All others         Option + Ctrl

Once you have determined the modifier for your operating system and browser use the above key combination with any of the below 10 keys to perform the desired shortcut. For example, if you are using Firefox in Windows and want to go to the Facebook Home Page you could press Alt + Shift + 1.


M Open a new message

? Go to the Facebook Search

1 Home (News Feed)

2 Profile page

3 Friend requests

4 Messages

5 Notifications

6 Account Settings

7 Privacy Settings

8 Go to the Facebook page

9 View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement

0 Open Facebook help center

If you are using Internet Explorer, after pressing Alt + # let go of both keys and press Enter for the shortcut to work. For example, press Alt + 1 (let go) and then press Enter to open the Facebook home page. * Also, the M to open a new message in Internet Explorer does not work, since it is the home shortcut.

All the shortcut keys works on the numbers that are placed on the top of the keyboard and NOT from the numberpad on the right side of the keyboard

There are also some other Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook Chat and it does not require any combo keys.

ESC  – Closes the current chat window
SHIFT + Down Arrow – Hides the current chat window if no text is entered
TAB - Jumps to the next chat window
SHIFT + TAB - Jumps to the previous chat window