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Monday, 4 November 2013

Which WordPress Theme A Site Is Using?

Ever visit a site and wonder what WordPress theme it is using? Of course you can sniff around in the source code or view the theme’s main stylesheet, but not everyone knows how to do that. What WordPress Theme is That is a site that lets you simply enter the URL and it will tell you the information you want to know. It pulls the information from the active theme’s stylesheet:

If you’re not sure if a site is even using WordPress, the quickest way to know is to grab an add-on for your browser that will tell you what CMS a site is running on. Chrome Sniffer is very useful for Chrome users to easily detect web applications and Javascript libraries that are running on the site you’re browsing. Wappalyzer is a similar add-on for Firefox. If you discover a website is using WordPress and want to find out more about its theme, just put the URL in at What WordPress Theme is That and you’ll be able to find a quick summary of the available information.

Another site like this is:

WP Theme Detector